NAMI Solutions
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NAMI Solutions, Inc. develops web applications and solutions to your business computing needs. Whether you want to develop a custom sales force automation program, interface with a company database or improve your accounting system, NAMI has the ingenuity and proven track record to meet your objectives.

Our process starts with your objectives. Then we analyze your current infrastructure and develop a solution to meet your short and long-term needs. After the project is done, you can be rest assured that NAMI Solutions is always available for upgrades, training and other services.

• Custom web applications and eCommerce solutions
• Adapted accounting systems
• Custom contact management
• Employee satisfaction surveys
• Order centers
• Product software interface
• Sales force automation
• Training CD’s

Programming Services:
• PHP, Perl, AJAX, Flash/Actionscript, ASP/ASP.NET development and programming
• MySQL, MS-SQL, Access and SQL database development
• UNIX and VB Scripting